WordPress Security Plugins to Secure Your Website from Hackers

The most popular blogging and website building platform in the world is WordPress. It is used by millions of websites, as well as popular blogs and used as a content management system (CMS).

Due to its high use, hackers are always looking for ways to crack the code of the websites using WordPress and hack those websites. Third-party plugins make these websites highly vulnerable, and some of these are so serious that the entire server may also be hacked.

There are a number of security plugins that are available for WordPress that will make these websites free of the risk of someone hacking them. These plugins update themselves keeping in consideration the new cybersecurity threats that emerge each day.

Here are some of the best WordPress security plugins that can be used to make your WordPress websites secure and safe.


One of the most popular security plugins for WordPress, WordFence keeps your website protected against malware infection. All the files are scanned along with the different plugins and themes that are installed on the WordPress. It makes WordPress fast and secure. It also adds two factor authentication (2fa) that can be done using SMS. Traffic from a specific country or region can also be blocked.

Link to WordFence Plugin:


Hydro Raindrop

Another great security plugin for your WordPress websites is Hydro Raindrop, a NYC Fintech Startup that recently partnered with TD Bank. The Hydro Raindrop is an multi factor authentication (MFA) service based on blockchain.

This plugin also offers a two-way authentication (2fa) feature that makes your website even more secure from hackers. The additional layer of security offered by this plugin verifies if the request from access is coming from an authentic source or not. It helps in keeping your WordPress website safe. Learn more about Hydrogen, an award-winning #fintech company.

Link to Hydrogen Raindrop Plugin:

BulletProof Security

Another common and highly popular security plugin for WordPress websites is BulletProof. It adds to your website different kinds of security including but not limited to database security, firewall security, login security etc. There is a four-click setup interface that will keep your WordPress website protected. All you need to do is install this plugin, activate it and let it work on keeping your WordPress website protected from all kinds of external threats.

Link to BulletProof Security Plugin:


Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is also another popular WordPress security plugin that offers features such as file integrity monitoring, security activity auditing, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, website firewall, and blacklist monitoring. All of these features keep your website safe from cybersecurity threats and hackers.

Link to Securi WordPress Plugin:

With these security plugins, you can keep your WordPress websites safe in the unsafe online world. Make sure you have one of these plugins installed and activated on your website to ensure its safety.

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