Why Atlant is good for trading in real estate?

Real estate has always been a way to invest your money, grow your wealth, all the while keeping it safe. Real estate prices fluctuate up and down. People who invest in real estate are happy because their assets can increase in value over time depending on location and other factors.

Now, the growth rates (in value) are different for different cities but the value does increase everywhere in the world. Unless you buy real estate in an active warzone there is very little that will knock down the prices of real estate. Prices have gone very high and people who invested in the real estate market are very happy.

The problem with real estate

There’s just one problem – the prices have gone up so much that real estate is no longer a welcoming place for middle-class people. You can only invest in real estate if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around, which most of us do not. So we just sit and watch as rich people get richer by buying real estate and selling it at higher rates, knowing that we cannot buy a building or a house in a popular area to benefit from the real estate boom.

That is a big problem. Now, we know it is a problem for people who want to buy houses. Housing prices keep going up and it becomes harder and harder for people to buy houses. However, you can always get loans for buying houses but you cannot get loans to invest in real estate to make a profit. Thus, unless you can gather hundreds of thousands of dollars, you have no way of making any meaningful investments in real estate.

Or do you? Well this was the case until the rise of Atlant but with it the scenario is completely changed.

Atlant makes investing in real estate viable again

Atlant is the first major blockchain based solution for real estate and it is making waves all over the world. Here’s how Atlant works. There are many different properties available which you can invest in.

The true beauty of Atlant is that it allows you to invest as much as you want. You don’t have to buy a full property – you can buy a percentage in the token of the property and get all the benefits of real estate investment you’d expect.

Here’s how it works. Every property you can invest in from Atlant has a token on the blockchain. You can invest as much as you want and you will be given the proportional token according to your investment. Now, as the value of the property grows, the value of your share grows as well. Whatever profits are realized from the real estate property are given to you as well.

For instance there’s a building worth 2 million dollars. You invest $10,000 in it. Now you have ownership of 0.5% of the token of the building on Atlant. If the building is worth $4 million in two years, your share in the property is now worth $20,000.

It is good for real estate because it allows all these smaller players to enter the market and make investments. It is completely secure because it is based on the blockchain. So it allows small investors to make smart investments in real estate in a completely secure manner. It is a revolutionary approach towards real estate.

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